Service Arena offered by the Company:

Here, we Agrraj Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. as a global Technology provider & Business promoter or in sense of a Biz-Tech consultant under a single umbrella, offers various services to elevate and expand our client enterprises, also for their endeavours through right, secured, time gained, quality optimistic productivity on at-most profitable way by retaining the international and Government standards. With right mix of Technology implementation and Business strategic planning, The Company enables you to stay gripped and stable in the industry in addition to keep safe level in the market competition.

Go Plug & Play…

Here in Agrraj Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. we offer our clients End to End Service for their business endeavour for its well anchored start/ commence, its stable running, well managed capital consumption and finally to establish and break-through with maximum profitability. According to the client preference, we work on the basis of- Fixed pay, Fees on monthly or annual basis (continuous services or work), commissioning, Partnership, BOT (Build Operate Transfer) mode, PPP (Public Private Partnership) mode, etc. Being an End-End service provider, Agrraj Consultancy Services enables our valuable clients to grip or to enhance and elevate their business to its maximum heights in most efficient and effective track.

Go the Risk Free Way...

With the wide experience and expert professionals in the business and strategic domain, Agrraj Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. offers you a wide variant of services and directions which enables you to conduct your business in more safe and riskless way through internationally accepted procedures and standards in very organized way. We relief our clients to identify the possible risks and qualifies them to resolve the risks and threats in the path, also to recover or to bypass the weakness (if any) and offers expert advises by knowing the business well. Thus as an in-depth business analyser as well as an adept Technology and Business consultant, the Company plays a major role to crossover the difficulties to our clients in the path of Functioning the Business, Technology implementation, Legal, Market and Business Strategy, Competitive in the industry, etc.

Save Time & Money…

Setting up of a business or a project is very tough and most often a onetime process which is time spending process for business organization as a fresh player on the particular area. Unnecessary spending of money beyond time also most often by meaning less travels, non-professional advice, less experience in Government processes and sanctions from authorities & its prior sequence, traditional ways, etc. As the experience not even worthy for the functioning of business, the setting-up process most often remain a total loss according to a new venture or a business. As an experienced player, Agrraj Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. makes it easy to our clients through parallel processing and advance processing of things its right sequence there enables them to save a lot of time and money which further keeps the client interest and enthusiasm in business in state.

What we deliver for a new Products and Enterprises:

Agrraj Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. offers you the suitable directions from the renowned or leading experts in the concerned domain also we assist you totally or partially to carry out the endeavours in both its Technology and Business domains.

Services under Technology Consultation domain:

As an enthusiastic technocrat by holding vivid R&D (Research & Development) team and a wide nexus of expert Technology professionals and organizations in various domains, Agrraj Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. being anchor itself a key role in Technology provider or exporter with a global presence. The Company thus helps our clients to choose and implementing right Technology for right productivity by knowing the quantity and quality of the product to be produced also by evaluating the profitability. In its right sense, for making a production process profitable, it is very essential to control the production rightly according to the clients Investment, working capital, collection of raw material, sales flow, pricing, storage capacity, comparison of manpower and automated machineries, market competitions, etc. The company directs its clients to crossover the difficulties in the Technical domain through expert advises and right implementation.

Organizing studies and preparation of Reports: Agrraj Consultancy Services as a technology consultant, facilitates our clients to organize and preparation of Study reports such as SRS (System Requirement Study), URS (User Requirement Study), FRS (Functional Requirement Study), DPR (Detailed Project Report), etc. More and over the Company make its clients aware about the industrial technologies followed by their competitors also with the latest and advanced technologies to necessitates. The company also arranges industry visits in case of fresh entrepreneurs if needed.

Manufacturing/ Mass Production Process Solution: Being a Technical counterpart indeed, Agrraj Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. enables our valid clients to solve their manufacturing or production process issues which is a serious technical issue according to a factory or manufacturing/ product based industry. Our combined R&D team assists our clients to calculate the production quantity as well as to choose right technology they have to implement for maximum gain in production and quality, by knowing various factors such as market demand, infrastructural strength, working-capital, supply capacity, etc. Thereby, the well experienced team from ACS as a sincere technical comrade, improve our clients to more compete in industrial technologies through designing of production process, implementation of right and feasible technology/ ies, make R&D in the domain, etc.

Core activities in Technology Consultation: Design algorithm of production process, Identification and Implementation of right and competitive Technologies in the technical domains of Software & IT, Electronics & Telecommunication, Robotics & Mechatronics, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Mechanical & Automation, Construction & Infrastructure, Bio-Processing, etc. by evaluating the production process and by knowing the business and industry. The expertise R&D (Research and Development) wing of ACS deploys the right Technology/ ies for the proper, optimized and competitive functioning of the client enterprise.

Global Technology Ties: Wide nexus of Agrraj Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. offers our clients to get access with the global Technology giants and world class Tech Labs which enables them to organize R&D projects on varied realms limitless heights. More and above the ties enables the clients undergo technology transfer, partnerships, technical contracts, utilization of tech-resources, supply and access of global technologies, etc.

IP Registration: An expert wing from ACS enables the clients to process, register and manage their IPs (Intellectual Properties) through patents, copyrights, copy-lefts, trademarks, trade secrets, etc. on global basis according to nature.

Services under Business consultancy domain:

Proper Development of Business Plan: Agrraj Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. enables and assists its clients to develop or furnish a neat, standard, well-disciplined and informative preparation of Business Plan by knowing the industry well. For its fulfilment the company offers the services for Business Idea Evaluation, New opportunities, Feasibility Study, Market Study, SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat) Analysis for both identification and its resolution, Well charting of Financials and Estimations, Calculation of Capital/ Investment and RoI (Return on Investment), Calculation of BEP (Break Even Point) and Break Through. etc.

Core activities in Business Consultancy: ACS offers a set of professional services in core Business Consultancy arena which include Mediation between Business organizations & key personals, Business Registration by knowing the business and type of organization, Assisting the clients to grab necessary licences, Mediation between Government, Works as a Negotiator, Legal advices and solutions for your business, Tax Consultation for business, Networking Businesses, key personals and professionals, Liaoning, Merging & Acquisition, International ties and visa processing, Mediate for supply of Raw materials, Assist you in tendering process, etc. for the clients which enables them to manage the complex things easily with our well experienced team. Management Solutions: Agrraj Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. offers various services in management domain such as to Proper execution of DPR (Detailed Project Report), Capital Management, Employee Management, Resource Management, Operation Management, Customer Management, Wealth Management, Seeking Investment, Crowd funding, Investor Relations, Evaluation of Economic Forecasting, etc. Competitive Services: We, Agrraj Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. enables you to remain more competitive in your business domain by offering services such as Market Identification, Business and market innovations, Market survey through Online and Offline, Strategic Planning, Media publicity to right audience, Marketing solutions, Audio- Visual Advertisements by recognizing the Industrial Standards, Social Engineering, Advance threat detection and neutralizing it, etc.

Capital Finding & Investments: Being an experienced business consultant Agrraj Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. acts as a bridge between Investment/ Capital seeker and Investors. With the intension, the Company offers investments, crowd funding programmes, business expo, etc.

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